May I reschedule or cancel my reservation if I am no longer able to come?

Guests are welcome to cancel their reservations from their confirmation email, or they may call the shop for assistance. Reservations may be rescheduled if the new date and time are available. We do require 24 hour notice on any cancelations.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies?

Due to having an open kitchen, we cannot guarantee that cross contamination will not occur. We have a very knowledgeable staff that can assist you when ordering if you have any concerns or questions. Some of our dishes can be modified slightly to accommodate specific needs. If you are gluten free we do require 48 hour notice for any special requests or orders.

May I reserve a seat on the Patio?

All reservations are to hold a table indoors, due to Indiana weather being unpredictable on occasion. When making a reservation, you are welcome to add any requests for specific seats or needs. We take all requests into consideration, however they are not always guaranteed.

How do I reserve the Private Dining Room?

You may reserve the private dining room for up to 14 guests by choosing an experience on our reservation page. You will be able to choose a date and time to book your event. If you have any questions, please contact our event planner, Janet Main, at janet@thecakebakeshop.com

What happens if I am running late?

We would ask that you notify our establishment if you are running behind. Typically we hold tables for 10 minutes at most without hearing from the guest.

What is the dress code?

The Cake Bake Shop has a casual dress code, but feel free to put on your fanciest party dress!

Can I take photos or reserve the restaurant for a photoshoot?

Guests are welcome to take as many personal photos as they would like as long as they are not disrupting other guests. As for professional photoshoots, we sadly do not allow those to happen on site.

Is parking available?

Yes! We have 6 parking spots in our lot, and then there is free street parking on Carrollton and Ferguson, as well as other surrounding side streets.

Why do you only take reservations for smaller groups of 4 or less guests?

Our establish is very small and has only a few tables, so accommodating larger groups is not as easily done. To accommodate your larger group we do have private dining space that can hold up to 14 guests and can be reserved with a food and beverage minimum. You may reserve this space by clicking on the private dining experience on our reservations home page or emailing our event planner Janet Main at janet@thecakebakeshop.com.

Is your shop handicap accessible?

Yes. We have a side gate and door that you may enter in to avoid the stairs as well as a parking spot behind the shop. Please feel free to notify us via your reservation in order to ensure proper arrangements are made.

PRIVATE DINING: What is your cancelation policy for private events?

Private events can be canceled 14 days before their party date for a full refund of their deposit. Anything after 14 days can be canceled but the deposit will not be refunded at that point.

PRIVATE DINING: What is the private room deposit?

Guests booking the private event space will be charged a deposit of $65.00. This deposit will cover $50.00 of the food and beverage minimum plus tax and gratuity for that minimum.

PRIVATE DINING: Can I decorate the private dining space for events?

The Cake Bake Shop is fully decorated all year round. We change our shop decor three times a year - spring season, Halloween (September 1st - October 31st), and winter season. You are welcome to bring in items such as banners, small vases with flowers, or pictures. If you have any questions on what you can bring into the shop, please contact your event planner. PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow any balloons into the shop. We do have some in the shop if needed.

PRIVATE DINING: How many guests can fit in your the private dining space?

The private dining area comfortably holds 14 guests.

PRIVATE DINING: Can I arrive early to decorate the room?

You are welcome to arrive up to 15 minutes early for setup, but we cannot guarantee that they space will be completely ready at that time due to previous parties.

PRIVATE DINING: Is there a time limit to use the private dining space?

All guests are allowed 2 hours. If additional hours are needed, there will be a hourly fee added to your bill.

Have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about Tock or your reservation, please visit the Tock help page.